Rockingham Community College


Morehead High School Career Development Coordinator

Counselors help identify students’ passions and aptitudes to steer them in the direction of the most fulfilling careers.

Rockingham County College Advisors

All four Rockingham County high schools have counselors who assist students in applying for and funding their college educations. This program is part of the Rockingham County Education Foundation.

Rockingham Community College Center for Brewing Sciences

A joint effort between the City of Eden and Rockingham Community College to provide craft brewing certificate or an Associate in Applied Science degree. The program is designed to prepare students for various careers in the growing brewing, distillation and fermentation industry.  Graduates should qualify for employment opportunities in the brewing, distillation and fermentation industry and related businesses, from large distillers to smaller microbreweries. Students will have the knowledge needed to start their own microbrewery as well as possess technical and agricultural skills related to the growing craft beverage market.

Customized Training

In order to help local businesses and industries remain competitive in a rapidly changing world, state-funded customized training at little or no cost to the company is available to businesses in the Eden area through Rockingham Community College. Training occurs at the job site to minimize downtime for employees.  Training includes productivity enhancement, continuous improvement and safety courses. 

Small Business Center

A range of services to small business owners and prospective owners is available in the Eden area through the Rockingham Community College Small Business Center.  The center is part of the North Carolina Small Business Center Network.  More than 97% of all North Carolina businesses employ less than 100 people and over 80% of all North Carolina businesses employ 20 workers or less. In the coming years, small businesses are expected to generate an additional 900,000 jobs in North Carolina. The center helps to foster that growth by offering assistance to small businesses and prospective small business owners in the Eden area through useful information, education and training, counseling and referral.

Employability Skills Training  

Human Resources Development (HRD) classes are available in Eden through a partnership with Goodwill and Rockingham Community College.  These classes teach the skills needed to succeed in today's complex and demanding job market. The program provides career planning and assessment, employment direction and job search skills. It also assists employers by sending them qualified applicants.  These classes are offered at low or no cost and include the following topics.